September 2017

Material Girls Fashion Sewing Club
September 2017

Debbie ’s Garments:

Quilted/Fleecey Jacket: Butterick, 6496, View B

1. Pattern suggests cotton blends, denim, twill. I used much different fabric and that may be why I am not thrilled wth the final garment.
2. The jacket is loose fitting so I went down a size for that reason and I used a knit.
3. I shortened the sleeve two inches.
4. I did not use interfacing.
5. I sandwiched the collar between neck edge and facing rather than following the pattern directions.
6. It was helpful to lower the presser foot pressure when using the serger. On the sewing machine I used a size 14 needle and a walking foot.

Pleat and Greet Skirt: The Fringe Skirt #AW3106 by Angela Wolf
1. This skirt was featured in Sew News, August/September, 2017, pages 28-31. They recommend using McCalls 3830 or your favorite skirt pattern. AW’s pattern is more of a pencil skirt so I adjusted the sides seams to be a straight skirt. You will need least 1/4 yard more fabric than pattern directs to construct this skirt.
2. This was a fun but challenging project. Give it a try!

Tunic Tee: Katherine Tilton, Butterick 6101, View D. Rayon jersey.
1. Described as a loose-fitting tunic so I used a size small above bust and extra small in hip area.
2. I made 3/4 length sleeves and tapered at hem.
3. I eliminated the hem facing.
4. The pattern directs seaming the lower front to upper front then creating a fold and then topstitch seam. I choose to create fold and then place upper front over lower front and cover stitch to attach and topstitch at the same time.
5. I used a knit and eliminated many steps not necessary for knits but might be appropriate for woven.

October Fashion Sewing Dates:
Tuesday, October 10, 10:30 at Treadle
Thursday, October 12, 6:30 at Jo-Ann Edina
Saturday, October 14, 10:30 at Treadle

Fashion Sewing Club
September 2017

Modern Kimono
Simplicity 8172
Rayon challis/rayon batik
Wool challis

1. Made to pattern fit-wise.
2. Used 3” bias strip for neck edge. Folded in half and wrapped around seam allowance so it show.
3. Used 1.5” bias strip applied to bodice/flounce joining seam and wrapped around seam allowance and topstitched down through all fabric layers for a more finished look/stronger seam.

Round Yoke Jacket
Vogue 1549
Linen with silk lining

1. Pattern sewed up well. Lots of tips from Sandra Betzina.
2. Went online to sign up for online sew along-Vimeo-jury is still out on whether or not it’s worthwhile, especially when everyone else does it for free.
3. French dart a bit funky or my linen is stretchy-dart on bias.
4. Hope to remake with faux leather.

Princess Seam Blouse
KwikSew 2849-out of print but Vogue Fabrics has 1,000 copies!

1. Love the cut-on plackets.
2. Collar and collar stand need to be a bit narrower or call it the 70’s ☺
3. Great sleeve/armhole fit for me.

Vintage Blouse
Vogue 7903 out of print
Stretch cotton

1. Great collar and sleeve hem details.
2. Darts (tucks) at waist make fitting easy.
3. Good lesson for me on quality interfacing.