October 2017

Material Girls Fashion Sewing Club
October 2017
Debbie’s Garments:

Peplum Jacket- Vogue 9214, View A, Poly Blend Novelty Knit
Pattern and Construction Changes:
1. Increase sa on the lower fronts at center below the zipper from 5/8″ to one inch to creTe a “facing. Optional to stabilize and clean finish this area.
2. Changed order of construction – stitched lower fronts and backs to uppers, inserted zipper, stitched shoulder seams then side seams.
3. Applied knit binding to neck edge from scrap.

Silk Tank-New Look 6532, View A, Silk
Pattern and Construction Changes:
1. Used silk thread and size 70/10 microtex needles.
2. Finished neck and armhole edges with bias narrow hems.
3. Used French seams for side seams.
4. Narrow hem for bottom edge.
5. Snap for back closure.

Stretch Woven Pants- Style Arc, Barb’s Pant, poly/cotton blend.
Pattern and Construction Changes:
1. Increased front and back crotch length.
2. Reduced leg width at hem by 2″.
3. Removed 1/4″ on each side of center back at waist.
4. Straightened outside leg seams from middle of hip to hem.
5. Removed 4″ from length.
6. No construction changes.

Mixed Media Tee- McCalls 6964, View C, adapted. Ponte Knit with silk layer.
Pattern and Constriction Changes:
1. Complete tee shirt up to hem. Press or baste one inch hem.
2. For silk layer, measure the circumference of bottom of tee. Divide that measurement into thirds. Back layer is 2/3 in length plus one inch overlap for each end. The width is 3-4 inches. Front layer is 1/3 in length plus one inch overlap for each end and 3-4″ in width.
3. Curve each end of silk layer. Clean finish all lower edges.
4. Find CB of tee and back layer. Pin or baste rs of silk layer to ws of pressed up tee hem, matching CB and coming around front. Pin or baste front layer to front tee in the same manner.
5. Silk layer can be stitched to tee with twin needle or cover stitch.

Sewing and Quilt Expo- November 9-11

November Fashion Sewing Club Dates:
Thursday, November 9 , 6:30, @ JoAnn-Edina
Saturday, November 11, 10:30,@ Sewing and Quilting Expo
Tuesday, November 14, 10:30 @Treadle

Fashion Sewing Club
October 2017

Burdastyle Jacket
Burdastyle magazine 08/2017 Pattern 107
Quilted blend/scuba knit

1. After all the tracing and adding seam allowances things went together very well. Some directions are subject to interpretation ☺
2. Hems were left raw but the treatment of the center fronts worked very well in adding stability and a nice look.
3. Will take the time to try another Burdastyle if I see one-worth the effort!

Super Mom and Beyond Jacket
Butterick 6301
Activewear knits

1. Jacket pattern went together well. Some issues with thickness of knit.
2. Omitted facing and added binding to zipper edges and neck edge.
3. Be careful not to let collar stretch out-interface well.
4. Insert-could be some changes to directions (as to errors) and techniques (there’s no way you can stitch the edges of the flaps together with a zipper foot!)
5. Jury is out-new mom will decide if it’s worth the work.

Pencil Skirts
Pamela’s Patterns Magic Pencil Skirt
Silk and brocade

1. One of those garments that are worth the time to get right and then be able to sew up when you need it.
2. Good directions and illustrations for fitting.