April 2017

Debbie’s Garments:

Knit Pullover Raglan Sleeve Dress: McCalls 7349, view C
Cotton interlock for body and cotton jersey for sleeves.
Went together well. Shortened the length by 3 inches. Tapered width at sleeve hem 1inch.

Riviera Boulevard Cardigan-Jacket: Hot Patterns 1031, Ponte
Pattern and Construction Changes:
1. Eliminated all interfacing.
2. Did not make pocket bags.
3. Seam allowances are stitched at 3/8” and then trimmed. If topstitching, I would not trim the allowances as pattern directs.
4. Speaking of directions, they are vague and probably frustrating to the beginner sewer.
For example, no mention of reinforcing lapel seam and clipping before attaching
5. If I were to make this again I would add hem length to the sleeves and jacket. This would enable one to do a meitered corner on sleeve and eliminate bulk at hems.
6. For an informative review with tips and suggestions check out:
Behind the seams.wordpress, Oct. 15, 2010
HP Riviera Boulevard Cardigan-Jacket

Stripe Tee with Front Overlay: Favorite Tee shirt pattern (M6964)
Rayon bamboo, extra fabric is needed for overlay and matching stripes.
Pattern and Construction Changes:
1. To make overlay pattern, starting at underarm on right side of body, measure 7 1/2” down side on front pattern piece. On left side, measure 1 inch from underarm and mark. Draw a diagonal line to connect the two marks.
2. For right side of body, lay front overlay pattern piece right side up, pin, cut.
For left side of body, lay front overlay pattern piece wrong side up, pin and cut.
3. Stabilize bottom edges of each overlay, clean finish, press up1/4” hem and topstitch.
4. Baste ws of left overlay to rs of shirt front.
5. Baste ws of right overlay to rs of left overlay.
6. Continue construction of tee as pattern directs.

Red Ponte Knit Skirt , McCalls 6654

May 2017 Fashion Sewing club Dates:
Tuesday, May 9, 10:30 at Treadle
Thursday, May 11, 6:30 at JoAnn-Edina
Saturday, May 13 , 10:30 at Treadle

Fashion Sewing Club
April 2017

Raglan Sleeve Coat
Vogue 8937-OOP but available from Vogue online

Boucle Geometric Woven
1. Made to pattern. Lining is edge to edge which made it easy to make the lining first as a fit muslin. Hoping the hem hangs nicely with some wear.
2. Collar is asymmetric-wider edge on right side-not specified in instructions.

Retro Bow Tie Blouse
Simplicity 1590
Polyester print
1. Made to pattern with an adjustment to width at waist.
2. Many steps were worth the novelty.

Bias Skirt
Burda 6612, View C

Poly suiting with stretch
1. Made to pattern.
2. Omitted the waistband-used a petersham trim instead.

Bow Tie Bownanza
Bowie Cell Phone Case

Tie-able Bow Tie

Adult Pre-tied Bow Tie

Child’s Bow Tie
Old Burda pattern

Best lesson learned: use a needle nosed pliers to go thru “knot”, grab the tie and pull through.
Next best lesson: do not have instructions printed in copy shop until you evaluate cost!