Busy Sewing

With the first Club meetings starting next week, all three of us have been busily sewing away. It’s a nail biting process but hopefully all of us are enjoying the beautiful Labor Day weekend. A few things have been added to the site-Bios Page, Debbie’s Classes, another meeting for Club at Associated in St. Paul and a few new websites to visit (see Blogroll).
Hope all of you are working on a Show and Tell project. See you in the upcoming two weeks.

One response to “Busy Sewing

  1. Thanks for the great class last night. Love the location at Treadles-like having great quality material available and the meeting room is great. Treadles are such nice hosts. I’m campaigning for a day time meeting there not Fri or Sat.
    At a future class would you consider doing a summary of scarves-sizes (width and length), materials, and finishing ideas (edges and ends). Thanks much. Sharon